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COVID-19 Update

      As Desert Shores Dentistry begins to transition back to seeing patients for non-emergency care starting on May 5, we have implemented some changes to ensure the highest level of safety for our staff and our patients, which is always our top priority. 
      Before scheduling appointments and upon arrival, we have a COVID-19 questionnaire, a temperature reading upon arrival, hand sanitizer before and after appointments, limited entry to patients only (unless accompanying a minor), and staying in your vehicle until your appointment time.  Please bring a face mask to the office and wear it, except during treatment.  We also will ask our patients to do a pre-procedural rinse prior to treatment. We have installed medical grade HEPA filtration units throughout the office.  Along with our already stringent infection control protocols, we are taking extra sanitation measures and we are following guidelines set forth by the CDC and governing bodies to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  
      Please be patient with us as we navigate taking extra precautionary measures for everyone’s safety, while continuing to provide needed healthcare. Please also understand we are currently unable to provide blankets or neck pillows. If you get cold easily, please wear a light jacket as we have to keep the office a little cooler.  
We can’t wait to see everyone again!
Keep smiling and stay healthy!!

      All the best, 

           Dr. Sandvik